Insidious version of Donald Trump


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Donald Trump really wants to make American great again — but first, he’s trying to make us afraid.

During his acceptance speech Thursday night, the Republican nominee for president (not “presumptive” anymore — as in, we’re actually doing this) cast himself as the savior of a nation beset by crime, undeterred foreign threats and spineless leadership. And then he achieved it not using the trademark unsubtlety and braggadocio that carried him to the convention, but alternatively using language blunted just adequate to make his frightening vision acceptable to voters.


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91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False


trump-hands-headPoliticians running for president are graded by Politfact therefore the order runs in how you would expect it to when you are annoyed when Donald Trump is speaking. Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, has reached the base of the list with a sad 9% of true or mostly true statements. Just 9% of this things Donald Trump says are typically pertaining to the truth.

Trump lies a great deal that in 2015, Politifact awarded him the Lie of the season for numerous statements he made, because the team couldn’t select the most egregious lie. Away from 77 statements checked, 76 of these were found to become mostly false to false to pants on fire lies.

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Trump Is Horrifying


Featured Image -- 1043A team of historians whose life’s work has consisted of studying the men, women and events that shaped America have banded together to speak out against Donald Trump.

Historians including David McCullough, Ken Burns, Robert Caro, Ron Chernow and Vicki Lynn Ruiz have all posted short videos explaining why Trump’s campaign is disturbing to a Facebook page called “Historians on Donald Trump.”

McCullough contacted Burns to arrange your time and effort after he saw Burns’ commencement speech at Stanford this current year, that was highly critical of Trump. The page was made Wednesday morning.

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Trump rebuked for his tweet with an image of Clinton and a Star of David


It had been so near to the message that Republicans say they want from Donald Trump: a tweet describing Hillary Clinton as “crooked” and the “most corrupt candidate ever,” on the morning that the likely Democratic presidential nominee met aided by the FBI.

Nevertheless the image that Trump decided to illustrate his point, which portrayed a red Star of David shape slapped onto a bed of $100 bills, had origins into the online white-supremacist movement. For a minimum of the fifth time, Trump’s Twitter account had shared a meme from the racist “alt-right” and offered no the reason why.

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Trump vs. the GOP (redux)

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Republicans are making the effort to embrace Donald Trump, but he is not so it is easy. Just a couple weeks just before the party tactics to coronate Trump as its 2016 standard-bearer along at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the presumptive nominee is staying up the infighting that has troubled the GOP’s establishment for months.

During the past 48 hours, Trump has abandoned decades of conservative orthodoxy on trade, launched into a battle using the GOP’s traditional business lobby allies and campaign financiers — like the Chamber of Commerce — and slammed his former Republican presidential rivals who have not endorsed him, saying their political careers should be over.

“They broke their word also in my view; they must never be permitted to run for public office again because exactly what did was disgraceful,” Trump said in Bangor, Maine, Wednesday, observing figures like Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who signed a pledge to strengthen the GOP nominee but have still to endorse him Kasich, due to his part, on Wednesday, released a note on his campaign fundraising list highlighting a poll showing him faring better on the list of the general election than Trump.

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Should Trump apologized for insulting veterans?

In response to this article: The men and women in this country deserve honor for being brave enough to die for the United States. I give them praise for their dedication because they put their lives on the line daily. My question is why would Mr. Trump do such an act since he has not been to war? Family have lost love one’s that they will never see again. If they could many of these families would love to have their love ones home, but instead many are resting in their grave because they paid the ultimate price and that is they gave their life.

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Senator John McCain of Arizona called on Donald J. Trump to make amends to veterans for his belittling comments about prisoners of war and suggested he would be unlikely to appear on a stage with Mr. Trump until that happened.

Mr. McCain has committed to supporting Mr. Trump as the Republican nominee for president. But in an interview that aired on CNN’s “ State of the Union” on Sunday, Mr. McCain expressed deep dismay at the tenor of the Republican presidential race, saying Mr. Trump make amends to “a body of American heroes” he had offended.

Mr. Trump mocked Mr. McCain last summer for having been imprisoned and captured during the Vietnam War, stating that he preferred “people who weren’t captured. ”

Mr. McCain, who was simply the Republican presidential nominee in 2008, informed CNN that this individual was indifferent to Mr personally. Trump’s ridicule but that he cannot abide the affront to veterans generally. Asked if he’d show up on the marketing campaign path with Mr. Trump, Mr. McCain said “ lots of things would need to happen” first.

“ I believe it’s very important to Donald Trump expressing his – not Steve McCain, but veterans who have been incarcerated as prisoners of battle, ” Mr. McCain said. “When he said, ‘I don’t like people who were captured, ’ then there’s a body of American heroes that I’d like to see him retract that statement – not about me, but about the others. ”

Mr. McCain’s comments add to the already extraordinary pressure on Mr. Trump to mend his relationships across the Republican Party and win over a range of party leaders he has alienated in the 2016 campaign. One of Mr. McCain’s closest friends in the Senate, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, has already announced that he will not vote for Mr. Trump under any circumstances.

Mr. McCain said it was incumbent on Mr. Trump to “heal many of the wounds” from the primary season. The senator said the “personalization” of the 2016 race was like nothing he had ever seen, “where people’s integrity and character are questioned. ”

Noting the rift that had opened in the Republican Party, Mr. McCain said the party’s leaders  lost touch of numerous voters in Mr. Trump’s constituency – mainly, he said, old, white, blue-collar employees who see no working job prospects.

“ There is certainly some distance, if not really a disconnect, between party leadership and members of Congress, ” Mr. McCain said, “and lots of the voters who’ve chosen Donald Trump to be the nominee of the ongoing party. ”


Could Being a Drum Major For Justice By Using Our Voice Might Be The Best Weapon Against Bigotry?

bigots1I am glad that someone is speaking up about the occurrences at these rallies. This is not a show; this is a reality. Individual prepare themselves by studying political science, and learning law to be leaders in government. Are they perfect, no, but it is possible for change to happen. It may take a long or short time. The nation continues to grow, and there is room for improvement. Laws that was intended to segregate have been debated for years. Legislation that oppressed people because of race, ethnicity, gender, age and orientation gradually changes for the better. It is not too late, to stand for justice

Liberal champ Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS) went on to Facebook recently to issue a clear forewarning to Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals, progressives, fundamentalists, and progressive people in America of all races, ethnicities and social status. Warned against Trump descends even further inside the dreary wormhole of racial hatred and fascist rage.

Certainly, there is absolutely no advantage in silence. The xenophobic attacks against non-white US citizens increase in the rate of recurrence. The receptive racism and physical violence at Trump rallies spikes as white supremacists and bigots emerge from the woodwork to misdirected passion and shows of toughness, reasonable and realistic Americans who have confidence in the ideals of building up a tolerance and diversity that made the nation great must protect our inhabitants against the danger presented by Trump and his rabid enthusiasts. Liberals must mobilize a counter-movement to demonstrate that individuals are not going to allow uninformed bigots and narcissistic buffoons to bully people into silence. The Sanders followers who risked themselves and productively de-activate a Trump rally in Chicago made a strong stand – we should build from their triumph and show Trump and the modern world that the United States will never allude to this type of revolting unsupported claims.


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